Geophysical site investigation for borehole drilling, well drilling, well designing, bills of quantities, technical specifications aquifer hydraulic testing, platform casting, pump installation and technical supervision.

Borehole technical diagnosis, dropped pipes fishing, de-silting, disinfection, well productivity re-assessment, pump part replacement and platform reconstruction.

Water quality management system certification in line with the existing regulations and guidelines, which includes use of suitable water test kits.

Establish distribution chain for affordable water treatment equipments.

Designing and installation of rainwater harvesting systems.

Construction of Shallow Wells and spring catchment for water supply.

Designing or assessment of pipe water networks, quantification and construction.

Designing and construction of Gravity water schemes and piped water systems.

Development of Water Reservoirs for domestic and livestock / agriculture.

Development and management of Small irrigation schemes.

Provide designing and water plumbing services.